JULY 2013

I purchased Shannon, a Lhasa Apso puppy, from Elsie and Monroe Zimmerman of Green River Puppies. The Zimmermans were easy to work with, flexible and very responsive regarding my questions and the arrangement to purchase Shannon. Shannon is a happy and healthy little boy who we enjoy very much. I would highly recommend the Zimmermans and Green River Puppies if you are looking for a Lhasa Apso.

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Riley, Your Sherman ...........==>>

Submitted by Kenneth Honkonen
DEC 2013
We love our little Randy, but we have named him Cooper.  He has adjusted very well to our home and to my granddaughter.  The Zimmerman's are wonderful people to work with on getting my puppy.  I would recommed them to everyone.  We love Cooper so much that he sleeps with us and he is starting to listen to different sounds in the house and will let you know.  We love him so much and again **Thank you Monroe and Elsie Zimmerman for helping me to get Cooper**  He is doing very well and he weighs 8 pounds now.

Again thank you and Merry Christmas to your family  ~D Fritz
Jan 2014 : Hello from West Virginia! 

We purchased our puppy Rita (we renamed her Rori)from Green River Puppies in November 2013 and we couldn't be happier with sweet baby girl!  Having this little puppy in our life has been such a blessing. 

Rita (Rori) is 4 months old today and I'm proud to say she is a very happy, healthy and extremely smart little girl!  She has already learned several tricks and keeps us smiling daily :) 

I am so thankful for the Zimmerman family and Green River Puppies for breeding the best little dogs anyone could ask for.  I feel lucky to have found this web site and I would recommend this breeder to everyone! 

MAY 2014,

Hi, We love Hooper, He is very bright, house trained quickly. Monroe we very helpful and if I ever need a puppy again they are the top of my list feel free to email me.
Deb Yeagle
July 2014

Hello! Our puppy "Loki" is doing great. He is wonderful and a such a joy to be around. There is definitely not a single dull moment with him, he's the little king of our household. Thank you for contacting us!

August 2016

Monroe and family,

We just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much we are pleased with our new family member, Prince, fka Layton.  He arrived safely from Kentucky to Denver, Colorado on May 27, 2016 via Delta Airlines and he was not too sure about his day, but he did well.   I was so concerned about him traveling . . I just couldn't think about it!

As soon as he met us, he/we were in love!  Our life has not been the same!  He has exceeded our expectations.  He's continues to have a good bill of health.  He continues to blossom before our eyes, each and everyday in every way!

He is Mr. Congeniality of the dog park, can you believe it?  We are intentional with helping him be socialized with other dogs and he is lovin' it! We know how Lhasas could care less about other dogs.  Great to see him soar here as well.

My honey, who is retired and able to train him, aka Dad and dog trainer in our home, says that he is the smartest dog he has EVER trained.  I agree.  He is able to do so many commands, too many to name, and is steadily learning rather quickly.  He was officially totally house trained within about a month of him being home. He is 5 months old today!

He has helped us heal so much after the loss of our 16 year old Lhasa name Latte' to cancer.  Thank you, again for making our dream come true by enhancing our life with this wonderful addition to our family.

Sincerely & Thankfully,
Savoi Ragsdale & Tony McCummings &
Prince Royal Chocolate Thunder Kai
August 2016

We purchased a puppy named Jan in February 2016 and we are so pleased! Green Rivers Puppies are very special puppies.

We renamed Jan during the car ride home, and now her name is Lily! Lily is now 7 months old and she is very smart, lovable, and quite confident. She is 12 pounds and healthier than we could have hoped!

She knows multiple tricks, has been house trained for a couple months, and loves her squeaky toys more of than anything!

We are so glad to have Lily's company everyday and could not imagine life without her.
Dear Monroe,
Rocky and I thought we would bring you up
to date on our sweetheart dog,
“Yogi Bear” aka Buster He is now approximately 12 weeks old and
nothing short of adorable. We want to thank you for such a healthy dog.
You may certainly use this as a testimonial if you would like. This dog came to us via the airlines. When we received him in his crate, he was already partially potty trained. He had not used the bathroom in his area and for such a young puppy, has not done so sense.  It is my
understanding he used to follow his mother out the doggie door along
with his other siblings and go outside. Evidently that stuck, because this
dog was almost potty trained when we got him at the young age of eight
weeks.   When we picked him up from the airport, he looked so healthy
and had such a glossy coat.   He had a nutritional food packet included
with him.He was definitely sent away with love and care.  It was obvious they
wanted to make sure we knew which nutritional brand was the best
for him to eat. You couldn’t miss the message.   A new package was taped to the carrier
along with all the impeccable paper work and certification.That spoke volumes about how they take care of their puppies and manage their business.  No detail was left undone. Within a couple of days, Yogi had amazing self-confidence and has just blossomed into a healthy darling dog ever sense. We again, thank you for all the detail and care that this dog was obviously given. I would assume you must have children,because he already new how to play little puppy
games and was well adapted to people. In my words, I think he had delightful puppy skills. Of course, I could be very prejudice however about talented he truly is.  From the beginning he has been a lot of fun, playful and very well adjusted On a very serious note, this dog was obviously well cared for. He was nutritionally balanced,came with assuredness and great confidence for
such a baby, tiny puppy.   He bonded almost instantly with us;I think that was due to comingfrom a very loving and caring environment. Monroe, thank you and your family for such a delightful dog. We will keep you up-to-date on his progress. The first time we threw a little toy out for him to fetch and retrieve, he did exactly that. We were amazed. My husband’s cousin threw a little toy dog bone out and Yogi fetched it and brought it back to her. He loves playing with tennis balls and love toys. We’ve tried to give him safe toys many made by Cesar Milan. Those are pretty good, anyway have a great day and feel free to call us anytime you would like an update. Again thank you for this beautiful new asset to our family. We love him and we’ll take care of him to the best of our ability. That’s easy! He’s so cute and adorable.
Thank you!  Janet & Rocky
Hello Monroe this is Tony Hinton. Well this is Frisky he is 14 months now.
He has been with us since Aug 9,2016

He is doing just wonderfully. He is the Man of the house. He loves my wife and I to death. When we picked him up from the airport it's was the most exciting moment we have ever had. We talk about that moment all the time.

He is happy, loveable and has to have his attention at all times.
I want to personally thank you and your family for a wonderful job preparing him and having him ready for our family.

I would recommend Green River Puppies to anyone that's looking for a well kept new born puppie.
Keep up the good work. And Thanks..

Tony Hinton
Oct 2017

Just want to let you know that we picked up our puppy last night at the Fresno airport. Everything went very smooth and the people at the airport were exceptionally nice. We would not have any problem shipping a dog again. The puppy now named Maggie is adorable. She perked up after getting out of her crate and began kissing us dispute the late night. Once home she became very active and started playing with the other dogs. She is beautiful, spunky, playful and a joy to have in our family. She was not afraid and immediately began exploring and playing with us and the other dogs. We love her and are very pleased with how you and your family have raised her. Thank-you very much for such a beautiful puppy.
~ Rhonda
Mar 2018
Its been about 5 months since we adopted Brandy whom we named Nixon. I wanted to send you some updates pictures and to let you know that I am so happy we chose you guys for our amazing, lovable, playful, puppy! He is the best thing that has ever happened to us and we are so happy that we had found you guys when we were looking for our Lhasa. I been recommending you to everyone we know-since everyone always falls in love with nixon and wants one of their own!

-Samantha & Michael
Greetings from LaGrangeville NY
Bear is loving his new home. We couldn’t be happier. Happy Holidays! ??Best Wishes
The Kappus Family
Misty, we picked up on Feb 28th, and now is almost 7 months old. What a wonderful, sweet, and very smart Lhasa. This is our 4th Lhasa, and she is truly special. Thank you, Monroe & Elsie, so very much, you are such good people.
Douglas Walton

We picked up our dear Tonya, renamed Misty, on February 28th. She is absolutely the sweetest puppy! Never whined, barked, and enjoyed the 5-hour ride home. She loves everyone and every dog she's met. I'd like to send a couple of photos.
~ D Walton

We like to express our thanks for such a sweet pup that we purchased from you! My daughter has started to come out of her depression and is becoming her old happy self! Thank you he is turning out to be a wonderful support dog! God blessings and thank you again!
~ Deb LaMar.

Hello Caney/Molly is doing great!!! She is so smart and beautiful! Thank you guys for making her available!!!

~ Brian

Thank you again for the beautiful puppy. Brooklyn is going to make a wonderful addition to our household. It was a pleasure meeting you this morning. We arrived safely back in Charlotte.

~ Jason G
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